Unwanted comments on website

There have been a small number of offensive and unwarranted comments appear recently on the website. As the league is sponsored by a reputable firm of Solicitors this makes those actions even worse.

The facility for individuals and clubs to be able to put messages on the site has been seen as a positive move for all, however if inappropriate comments continue to be made the entire facility will be withdrawn without issue. I must also point out that whilst the email address of anyone putting a comment on the site is not viewable on the site it is identifiable to the website Manager.

Hopefully the small number of individuals that have left inappropriate comments will think twice before doing it again. The League took action a few years ago by removing the facility and referring a small number of offensive comments to the Police due to their content. I hope that history is not about to repeat itself in this respect however unwanted and offensive comments will not be tolerated and if it is necessary to remove this facility it is no more than a click of a button to me, one which without doubt will then inconvenience a large number of people when it comes to organising games, advertising for clubs or players etc.

Hopefully the small number of people that have become involved in this practice of late will no longer act so irresponsibly.

Website Manager