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  1. Looking for a friendly this Thursday 31st. We have the pitch and ref, just need a team to play.

    If you are interested, please contact me on 07748304448.

  2. Ancaster fc from grantham league div1are looking for an away friendly this sun 6th Aug I know it’s a long shot but contact simon if interested 07375488209

  3. Ancaster fc from div 1 in the grantham league are looking for away friendlys in July and August contact simon on 07375488209

  4. New manchester Based club Gorton Rovers FC looking for friendlies in and around Lincoln we will be traveling around the UK pre season for games (a treat from the chairman and manager) to play different teams and levels etc former Manchester United youth player Scott Moffatt and Oliver Gill are currently on our books so we have a very competitive team

    text me or email me

    James Parker

  5. Hello guys, please join FUBLES. It is a great app to play games in your city. You can download it for free on Google Play or on AppStore and you’ll see that there are already two games that you can join this week. Certainly a great way to improve your fitness during pre-season and much easier than having to organise a game with a full squad.Thanks!

      • Hi Eric, thanks for your request. Unfortunately we are not a 11 a side team, Fubles is just a social network for people to play casual football games (normally small sided ones) in which all players have a profile in the app and therefore join existing games through it. Sorry

  6. Wragby FC are looking for friendlies from July onwards.

    We have a pitch and would welcome teams from Div 1 – Div 4.

    Text me if you are interested. 07748304448.

  7. Hi,
    If any team in division 3 or 4 are looking for friendlies between June and September, please text me on 07411359219.

    Thanks Mike

  8. Paul Fernwood fc Newark alliance division 2 side.

    I am looking for friendlies over the next 4 sundays.. willing to travel to lincoln to play and split fees. If you could text me on 07515834953 if interested.


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