The Kelly Read Cup Rules are the same as the Ron Eaglen Cup Rules except for Rules 1,2, and 8 which are as follows:

1) The Trophy shall be open for annual competition amongst affiliated village clubs not exceeding 44 in number who are members of the Lincoln & District Sunday Football League and whose grounds are situated in their village.

All applicants for the Kelly Read Cup will be invited by the Management Committee whose decision for entry will be final.

8) Qualification of Players and Ineligible Players

A) No player shall play for more than one competing Club or Team in the same season.

B) Each individual player must have been a registered League Competition Player of the Club or team for which he happens to compete by 6pm on the Friday previous to the registered date fixed for playing the match, or by 6pm on the Friday previous to the date on which the match is played whichever is the earlier unless the player is a goalkeeper and permission is granted by the League Management Committee.

C) A player having played for a Club or Team in one match of the Competition for which he was qualified, shall unless in the meantime he has been transferred to another Club, be entitled to play in any subsequent match in the same Competition for the same Club or Team in the current season.

D) In the case of postponed or replayed matches, only those Players shall be allowed to play who were eligible for the first match. A player who has been suspended may, if otherwise qualified, play in postponed, drawn, or replayed ties after the term of his suspension has expired.

E) Only players who have played 3 or more games for his club in the current season shall be allowed to play in the Semi-Final or Final unless the player is a goalkeeper and permission is granted by the Management Committee.

F) Ineligible Player – Any Club playing an ineligible Player shall be struck out of the Competition and shall be fined not exceeding £50.00 per ineligible player.