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If you would like to contact somebody from the League Management Committee then please use the contact details below:


Mr Keith Weaver | 22 Grainsby Close | Lincoln | Lincolnsire | LN6 7QF | 01522 871075 |


Mr Ron Turner | 18 Foster Street | Lincoln | Lincolnshire | LN5 7QF | 01522 809414 | <email address>

Secretary/Fixture Secretary/Web Site Manager

Mr Ian Stephenson | 4 Furrow  Close | Welton | Lincolnshire | LN2 3UD | 01673 860718 or 07778 780835 |


Mr Steve Walker | 50 Shearwater Road | Lincoln | LN6 OXA l 01522 809082 or 07718 629449 | 

You can also take forms to Onyx Trophies l Unit 6 l Moorland Way l Lincoln LN6 7JW during daytime. Tel: 01522 684066

Referees Secretary

Mr Colin Barŕaclough | Cricket Cottage | 9 Silver Street | Branston | LN4 1LR | 01522 415773 or 07799 505082 |

Press Officer

Mr Ian Stephenson | 4 Furrow Close  | Welton | LN2 3UD| 01673 860718 | 07778 780835   |

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23 comments on Contact Us

  1. Dear Officers of the Sunday Football LeagueI was lost for words at the amount of rubbish strewn across the pitch after the Sunday match on King George V fields. I picked up everything from bottles, crisp packets, McD food containers, to lots of used tape and pieces of metal. I did this for the sake of the dogs and the children who use these fields daily.
    Please have a word with whoever is in charge, because I shall not be picking up after your supporters/players again.

  2. Dear Sirs. I wish to make a formal complaint about the state King George Playing fields were left in after todays match. I walked my dogs there at 12.50pm today and both rhs touchlines were littered with bottles of various sorts, plastic, rubbish(lots of) and an abundance of black plastic tape. As I understand the referee is responsible for the touchline so this is unacceptable. This is our only community field and for it to be violated in this manner is disgraceful. What kind of example do you want to set where it is OK to litter another communitys area. Shame on you. I look forward to your response

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  4. Hi,
    I have come across 2 photos of my dad playing for Ruskington Utd in 1958/9 and Anwick Athletic in 1962/3. I was wondering if anyone could pass on any information about either team.


    • Hi mate my grandad used to run the Anwick side, is there any chance you can send me these photos? Thanks mate.

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  10. Good morning, I currently play for queen athletic, there is a sin bin presentation on Monday which I’ve been told if no one from our club attends then we won’t be able to join the league for next season.

    A few of us are in the Raf and were briefed the other week by the Raf FA on safeguarding and the new rules. Including sin bin. Would a member of our club still need to attend even though three of us have already attended this lesson?

    Kind regards,


  11. Looking at making a new team for the upcoming season
    how would we go by entering into the league (starting from the bottom)

    Please advice

  12. Hi, My son arrives in Lincoln on the 15th September to enrol at univeristy. He’s just turned 20 and is a 6′ tall, two footed midfielder looking for team that trains centrally or within an easy bus ride. He played for various academy teams in Bradford, Thackley, Eccleshill Utd and has spent the last year working/coaching. The standard is not that important to him, he just want a team sharpish. who should we contact?
    Many thanks.

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  14. Been coaching the last few years but Would like to start playing again
    Not sure on my standard so ideally id like to start division 5 and work my way up
    I play in goal where is the information to contact the teams
    kindest regards

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