League Top Goalscorers

The Top Goalscorers section of the website is now up and running. Just click on the section, then the division, and that division’s top 2 goal scorers will then be shown. It should be noted that the goals relate to LEAGUE goals only and do not include goals scored in any of the cup competitions.

This section of the site will be updated weekly and the information has been provided by the club therefore disputes as to goals scored remains between the club and the player. The information on the site will always be a week behind as the weekly update is extracted from the clubs team sheets submitted to the League and all clubs have 5 days after their game before the team sheets have to be submitted by the club to the League, therefore unlike fixtures and other information on the website, will not be updated on a daily basis, this one will be weekly when all of the team sheets have been received.

It had been intended to be able to see how many goals every club player had scored from the team squad section however some clubs have not been providing the information required which has resulted in that category not being possible to publish with accuracy and credibility.