Extension approved for this Season

The Lincolnshire County Football Association have kindly approved a League application to extend the current playing Season beyond the original date of Sunday 26th April 2020 in order to provide a greater opportunity for teams to complete all of their fixtures.

The Season has been extended by 21 days and will now see the end of the Season being Sunday 17th May 2020.

The League will not be allocating fixtures to teams during this extended period as it would be unfair on teams that may struggle to get a team together due to its participants being in expectation that the Season was finishing on 26th April and may have problems in sourcing a playing location during the revised playing dates. That said the League welcomes the use of as many dates, both Sundays and evenings, from teams who mutually agree to reschedule evening games allocated by the League to dates that fall as midweek dates prior to 26th April.

Please note that Sunday dates already allocated either on or before 26th April CANNOT be rescheduled for dates during the extended period. This is because the extension has been sought to relieve the pressure on the midweek fixture situation.

If anyone requires any clarity on this matter they should contact the League Secretary either by telephone or email.

League Secretary