Death of Mr Michael (Mick) Grant

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to inform you all of the sudden and untimely death of Mr Michael Grant, or “Mick” as he was known to most of us. He was not only our longest serving referee, but also a great person, mentor, and roll model to all who had the pleasure and honour of being able to class him as a friend.

Michael was refereeing a schools match at Carres Grammar School last Wednesday when he suffered a head injury after being accidently hit by the ball during the game. Unfortunately this led to a bleed on the brain, leaving him with injuries that proved to be insurmountable.

Sadly he passed away peacefully on Monday with his wife Kathy by his side.

I will update this site with the funeral arrangements once they have been made.

If anyone wishes to send a message to his wife and family please email it to Colin Barraclough, and copy me in. Any email will then be forwarded onto Mick’s family for you.

Colin’s email is’uk

My email is lincolnsundaysecretary@btinternet,com

League Secretary