Crown & Arrows – Next Season

It has come to my attention that it has been said in social media that Crown & Arrows have been thrown out of the League for next Season. This statement is not correct.

At the end of every Season any Club wishing to continue in the League is required to contact the League Secretary and confirm their intentions to remain as a member Club.

The League has received no contact from the Crown & Arrows’ Secretary since the end of last Season despite telephone messages, texts, and emails being left for him asking whether the Club intends to remain in the League next Season.

The Club were not represented at the League AGM held on 5th June and no forms or fees have been received by the League either at,  prior to, or after that meeting. In an effort to give the Club one last chance to remain in the League the meeting agreed to allow myself to contact the Club again after the meeting to establish their intentions. Again a telephone message was left for the Club Secretary, as was a text and a further email sent, asking him to contact me urgently prior to the League Management Committee meeting which was to be held last Sunday. The importance was stressed but despite this no contact whatsoever was made by the Club Secretary to either myself or any other League Officer or Member of the League Management Committee.

As a consequence Crown & Arrows did not apply to remain in the League and as all rule deadlines have now past the team will not participate in the 2019/2020 Season.

League Secretary