Changes to Divisions & Fixtures

North Lindum Hawks and Coningsby FC have both resigned from the League due to a shortage of players.

Metheringham FC have informed the League that they will not be able to fulfill their fixtures in the Premier Division due to a shortage of players required at that standard.

The Emergency Committee of the League have decided that Metheringham FC will now play in Division ONE of the League and they will take the fixtures initially allocated to Lincoln Athletic. Lincoln Athletic have taken the fixtures of North Lindum Hawks in Division TWO as North Lindum Hawks recently withdrew from the League due to a shortage of players.

These changes have been made in order to attempt to maintain Divisional balance. The net result from the changes made is that both the Premier Division and Division One will now play with one team less than was originally planned. There will now be 7 teams competing in the Premier Division, each team playing their opponents of 3 occasions, and 11 teams competing in Division One, each team playing their opponents on 2 occasions. Division Two will not see a reduction in the number of teams following the team withdrawals.

The new Divisional tables and fixtures have been amended and are now on the relevant sections of this site.

League Secretary