Weekly Round-Up & Match Reports

It will be seen by regular readers of this site that the Match Reports Section has been shrinking over recent months and has, in effect, been reduced to just a small number of reports submitted by the Clubs who have kindly contributed over time. Put quite simply this section, in its current format, appears to have run its course for the time being anyway.

I have recently introduced a new way of result notification to the League whereby Clubs, both home and away, are now required to submit their scores including their goalscorers on the day. That enables me to be able to include those details in the weekly round-up that I put together and publish.

The downside to that is time as it takes around 2 hours to research and compile a round-up by including the goalscorers and any other information sent to me by the Club. From talking to a lot of readers I believe it is a facility which is well worth progressing so with immediate effect the following will happen:

Clubs are NO LONGER required to summit detailed Match Reports as the Tuesday night feature will be discontinued with immediate effect. My weekly round-up including goalscorers and anything else significant will now be published on either a Monday or a Tuesday in its place. The previous round-up on the day of the matches will be published as above but will have all the information relating to all of the games so hopefully will be a good way of finding out what happened on all of the pitches the day or days before.

This new section will be reviewed at the end of the Season but will continue in the new format until then.

Press Officer