Trent Valley FC – Resigned from the League

Trent Valley FC have applied to withdraw from the League due to a shortage of players being committed to turn up and play on a Sunday morning. Their application has been considered and accepted by the League’s Emergency Committee and they have been fined £50.00 for failing to complete their League Fixtures (Rule 11(B).

As they have not completed 75% of their scheduled fixtures their playing record has been expunged from League records and this is reflected in the revised League table which can now be viewed on the site. All goals scored by, and against their opponents, has now been removed in accordance with FA Rules.

It is always most regrettable when teams withdraw from the League but when it happens part way through a Season it has a considerable impact on the standings of the teams remaining in the Division due to the withdrawing of a Club’s playing record having to be expunged from League records as per rule.

Ian Stephenson

League Secretary