Season 2020/2021 – Ready and raring to go!

After the uncertainty surrounding the opportunity to play local football which has been hanging over everybody throughout the Summer, the League is delighted to welcome our participants, and followers of the League, back into action commencing this weekend, Sunday 6th September.

As always you can view all of the team details on this website to see what games are being played each weekend and where they will take place.

For the immediate, and perhaps long term, things will be very different for all of our participants. Firstly there will be very restricted changing facilities for most, if not all, of our games and many teams will have to accept that they have to arrive at the ground changed and ready to play as the current Covid19 regulations have made it difficult, if not impossible, for Authorities to provide changing facilities which are Covid compliant.

There are requirements on teams to provide Covid compliant ball changes during the game, involving the cleaning of footballs when the ball leaves the pitch, and of course anyone attending any games MUST observe the social distances that applies everywhere throughout the Country in public spaces. There is no need to wear a mask or face covering when attending games but social distancing MUST be observed at all times.

A great deal of hard and dedicated work has been put into making this all happen by both the League and all of our Clubs so ahead of the new Season I wish everyone involved the very best of luck and thank everyone involved in the process of making this happen as it has been a monumental effort from everyone.

Enjoy the games, enjoy the Season, and wow its great to be back!

League Secretary