Registration Forms for Season 2017/2018

The new registration forms for season 2017/2018 are now available to download from the website and should be used with immediate effect. Any registrations that have already been received by the League from Clubs that have submitted registrations using the previous season’s form will still be processed but with immediate effect the new ones should be used.

All Clubs are encouraged to commence registering their players now if they have not done so already. You are reminded that it is a League requirement to have at least 12 players registered 2 days before the start of the season which this year commences on 3rd September therefore 12 players MUST be registered no later than 1st September. (League Rule 8(A)(iii).

Finally our Registrar, Mr Steve Walker, works tirelessly for this League and it would assist him if you submitted your registrations as quickly as possible to allow for process. Last Season the League registered in excess of 1500 players and hopes to have a similar number this coming Season. If every Club were to submit its registrations during the 2 or 3 days prior to the start of the Season it would not give the Registrar a chance of having everything ready for you for the opening day of the Season so your help and cooperation with this process would be much appreciated.

League Secretary