Pitch Inspections today – Thanks to all of you

The decision to have early pitch inspections today was both difficult and controversial. As a League we are desperately behind with fixtures, as is well known, but most importantly the safety and potential danger of travelling due to the adverse weather conditions was of paramount importance too and the judgement call with the weather forecast at the time was extremely difficult and honesty would say it was virtually impossible.

I wish to place on record my sincere thanks to all who attended early to make pitch inspections today and that goes equally to those that had to call games off as well as to those who were able to get the games on.

I am hearing of almost heroic acts of team spirit between sides that worked together to clear water from the pitch and a game was switched at last minute to ensure that it went ahead. Today represented the best of our League in terms of commitment to play and as League Secretary I thank you all for your excellent efforts. Well done and thanks to everyone.

League Secretary