League tables – points adjustments in table

There have been a small number of occasions recently whereby teams have been found to have played ineligible players in games and have then submitted incorrect team sheets to the League in a clear attempt to conceal these facts. The League Management Committee considered 3 cases when it met this week where this had been proven to the satisfaction of the Committee.

In each case the teams responsible were fined and any points gained from the games in question were deducted. In addition to this their opponents were awarded all 3 points from the game where wrongdoing had been identified. The League tables may look a little odd when a team now has more points than their playing record shows they have earned however that is the correct way of showing their record and their points total will reflect the award or deduction of points accordingly.

The League Management Committee view this type of activity (playing an ineligible player AND submitting an incorrect team sheet to conceal the fact) as serious as it gets and WILL NOW always look to view any further instances of this type of rule breach with a similar penalty.

Let me spell this out as accurately as I can: Any team found guilty of playing an ineligible player AND submitting an incorrect team sheet WILL be fined heavily and perhaps most importantly WILL have any points gained from the game deducted and their OPPONENTS WILL be awarded all 3 points from the game. If the game is a cup game then the team that lost the game WILL go through to the next round.

I hope this makes the League Management Committee view on this type of situation crystal clear.

League Secretary