Games on Sunday 10th November – Update

The League is seriously concerned about the chances of pitches being fit for the games this Sunday due to the adverse weather conditions in recent days. Not only are many of the pitches standing under water but some pitches have been unable to be marked out due to them being waterlogged and even if they drain in time for Sunday they may still not be marked out as Contractors are not working over the weekend.

With the uncertainty and doubt surrounding many of the games the League Policy for Sunday 10th November ONLY will be as follows:

The League will allow all home teams until 5pm tomorrow (Saturday 9th November) to inspect their pitch to see if there is a chance of play. If you think there is a chance of the game being able to be played you MUST TEXT the League Secretary NO LATER THAN 6PM TOMORROW EVENING to inform him that there is a realistic chance of the game being playable. Please note this communication is by TEXT NOT EMAIL.

If the League Secretary DOES NOT receive a TEXT to this effect by 6pm then it will be assumed that the pitch is unplayable and a call will be made on the game and an announcement made on the website at 6pm tomorrow.

This arrangement is different to the one made a couple of weeks ago when the League asked all Home teams to inspect their pitches. On that occasion 19 games were lost to the weather and 7 were played. The reason for the different approach this time is that the conditions generally are even worse that a couple of weeks ago and the suspicion is that fewer games this time will be playable. This way gives all HOME Clubs the opportunity to see if their game has a chance of going ahead as the over-riding opinion is that very few games have a chance of being playable.

It must be appreciated that this instruction relates only to the Lincoln & District Sunday Football League and Ron Eaglen / Jock Mitchell Cup games AND DOES NOT RELATE TO ANY GAMES IN THE COUNTY FA SUNDAY COUNTY CUP as that Competition does not come under the Management of the League.