Birchwood United – Sportsmanship to take note of

The following information has been reported to me by the Match Referee of the game played on Sunday 12th February between The Blue Lion FC and Birchwood United in Division 4 of our League.

The Blue Lion were losing during the game when they made their 3rd and final substitution. Soon after one of their players suffered an injury and was unable to continue resulting in them playing the last quarter of the game with just 10 men. Their opponents, Birchwood United, decided to withdraw one of their own players in order to keep the game level on players at 10 a side.

Whilst I am not suggesting that this is something that other teams should do in such situations I really do feel that the boys from Birchwood United should be acknowledged for this excellent piece of sportsmanship and it goes to show that there is still a great deal of behaviour to admire in the days when we often hear the negative side of the game. This is something that is a pleasure to publish and well done to all the team for this outstanding gesture, it is something that deserves a special mention in my opinion.

League Secretary