8th September – Results and Scorers – Round-Up

Premier Division

Hykeham Town 5   (Callum Murphy 2,,  Jayden Driver,  Rob Burley,  Own Goal)

FVA Jerusalem 1    (Scott Wilson)


Rustons United 2  ( Jordan Southwell 2)

Lincoln Moorlands/Railway 4 ( George Asplin 2,  Joe Syers, Jordan Wapplington)

Division One

Welton Sports AFC  2  (Justin French, James Drabble)

AFC Saxilby 1  (Jack Wilkinson)

Division Two

Old Boys United 2  (Jack Hobson 2)

Ruston Sports FC 2  ( Tyler Baker 2)

Division Four

FVA Jerusalem Reserves 3  (Scorers not known)

Plough Sturton Reserves 2 ( Ben Light 2)

Ron Eaglen Challenge Cup – Preliminary Round

AFC Golden Eagle 11  ( Davies 4, Higginson 3, Pinnington 2, Brader 2 )

North Scarle 3  (Paul Leedle, Luis Dobson, Kevin Thompson)

AFC Golden Eagle now at home to St Helens FC in 1st Round


AFC Tempest 4  ( Stephen Moore 2, Sean Frecklington 2)

Shakespeare Imps 3  ( Dek Binnington, Jack Malone, Jim Newby)

AFC Tempest away to The Shed FC in 1st round


AFC West End  1 ( Eddie Jacob)

St Helens FC 5  ( Miller 2, Jones, Skinner, Reburn)

St Helens FC away to AFC Golden Eagle in 1st round


Bassingham Bugle Horn FC  3  (Nattrass, Barnett, Swales)

Queen Athletic  1

Bassingham Bugle Horn FC  away to Ruston Sports FC in 1st round


Broadley FC  3  ( Bowman, Chatonzwa, Foss)

Nosey FC 3  ( Scott Goodacre 2, James Mackinder)

Broadley FC won 6-5 on pens and visit Old Boys United in 1st round


Helpringham Rovers  6  (Matt Warrington 2, Jordan Parker 2, Luke McCormick, Dan Broughton)

Hykeham Tigers 2  (Arundell, Cockram)

Helpringham Rovers are away to current holders Hykeham Town TRFC in 1st round


Horncastle Town 2  (Josh Cheetham 2)

Saxilby Athletic 1

Horncastle Town are at home to M.H.Blue Lion in 1st round


Jolly Scotchman  FC  0

Rileys FC  5  (Josh Russell 3, Jack Murphy, Paul Bates)

Rileys FC are away at Ruskington Lions in 1st round


Lincoln Athletic  1 (Logan Waby)

Trent Valley FC  5

Trent Valley FC are at home to Welton Sports AFC in 1st round


Lincoln High Street FC  3  (Rebas Ismail 3)

Wragby FC  2  (Liam Wilson, Jonny Dyas)

Lincoln High Street FC are away to Rustons United in 1st round


Plough Sturton  0

Bottle & Glass FC  0

Bottle & Glass FC won 4-3 on pens and are now at home to Lincoln Moorlands/Railway in 1st round


Potterhanworth FC  4  ( James Stephenson 3, Karl Green)

M.H.Blue Lion  4  ( Hirons 2, Carter, Jack)

M.H.Blue Lion won 6-5 on pens and are away at Horncastle Town in 1st round


Railway Inn United  2  ( Lilley, Paul)

Nettleham FC  2  ( Jamie Coulson, Connor Caines)

Nettleham FC won 5-4 on pens and are away to FVA Jerusalem in 1st round


Ruskington Lions  4  ( Jack Maddison, Jake Ellis, Wesley Greenwood, Josh Stephenson)

Cherry Willingham FC  3  ( Brendan Foster-Mathieson 2, Pete Davis)

Ruskington Lions are at home to Rileys FC in 1st round


Stags Head FC  0

AFC Rustons  3  ( Luke Millar, Lawrence Harper, Billy Anderson)

AFC Rustons are  away to Waddington United in 1st round


Swanpool FC  8  ( Liam Wright 3,  Liam Bentley 3, James Stokes 2)

Metheringham FC 4  ( Ben Garrick 3, Adam Berridge)

Swanpool FC are at home to Londesborough Arms FC in 1st round


Turks Head  2

Hykeham Social FC  4  ( Wallace 2, Bradley, Own Goal)

Hykeham Social FC are away at The Ferryboat FC in 1st round


Waddington United  5  ( James Patching 3, Harvey Melladay, Max Heath)

Morning Star 3  ( Matthews, Reynolds, Shukla)

Waddington United are at home to AFC Rustons in 1st round


Witham FC  5  ( D.Wilson 4, J.Spillar)

Londesborough Arms FC  6  ( Cam Brightey 3, Joe Glover, Josh Drummond, Kye Pimblett)

Londesborough Arms FC are away at Swanpool FC in 1st round


Ian Stephenson

League Secretary




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