2019/2020 Season Conclusion

The Football Association have instructed that the 2019/2020 League must now be brought to a conclusion without any further League games to be played.

The two options available to conclude the Season were: OPTION “A” to delete the playing record of all games and declare the League null and void OR

OPTION “B” Apply a “points per game” ratio to each team based on their completed League games throughout the Season.

In line with FA advice the matter was put to all our League teams for a vote on which option they preferred.

The result of the vote was 31 votes in favour of OPTION “B” and 17 votes for OPTION “A”.

Accordingly a points per game award has been made in order to compile a final League table for each Division. The tables now reflect the points adjustment applicable to each teams so each Division now shows the the final table. The results for the season remain recorded and can be viewed for each team. The amount of actual games played and goals scored and conceded have not been altered so as to show the actual data for each team from what each team actually played

The League Management Committee have also decided that all four domestic Cup Finals for the 2019/2020 will be played either before or at the start of the 2020/2021 Season. A decision on dates and locations will be announced once FA approval is given to when further football can take place due to the current health crisis.

League Secretary