13th October – Results and Scorers are listed below

Division One

North Scarle FC 4 3 Metheringham FC
Leedle 2/Priestley/Cottingham Lynch/Firth/Hargrave

Division Two

Cherry Willingham FC 6 0 Wragby FC
Ip 3/Foster-Mathieson/Pailson/Otter
Morning Star 2 1 Saxilby Athletic
Keeble/Waite Harrison
Turks Head FC 3 0 Lincoln Athletic

Division Three

Queen Athletic 1 4 AFC West End
Arden 2/Costa/Clamp
Shakespeare Imps 4 3 Witham FC
Malone 4 Wilson 2/Cawdron

Division Four

Hykeham Tigers 4 0 Welton FC Res
 Cockram 2/Barnes/Betts
Nosey FC 10 0 Jolly Scotchman FC
Goodacre 2/Cassey 2/Blocinski 2/Cornwall/Morton/Alton/Barratt
Potterhanworth FC 3 6 Plough Sturton Res
Stephenson 2/Stow Stilson 2/Light/Johnson/Dixon/Disley
Stags Head 7 5 FVA Jerusalem Res
Ardron 3/Barber 2/Gibson/Kalkerts Piper 2/Osbourne/Tysoe/OG

Ron Eaglen Challenge Cup – Round One

AFC Golden Eagle 5 5 St Helens FC St Helens won 7-6 on pens
Davies 3/Higginson/Hinchcliffe Skinner 2/Mumford/Dady/OG
Bottle & Glass 1 3 Lincoln Moorlands/Railway
Johnson Dye/Curtis/Ayres
FVA Jerusalem 5 5 Nettleham FC Nettleham won 5-4 on pens
Forbes 2/Stanney 2/Russell Coulson 2/Kerrigan/Long/Hood
HBW United 0 6 Welton FC
Atkinson 2/Williams/Luther/Taylor/Ne;son
Horncastle Town 10 2 M.H.Blue Lion
O’Callaghan 3/Cheetham 3/Cunningham 3/Puckering Barnsdale/OG
Hykeham Town TRFC 7 1 Helpringham Rovers
Driver 3/Foster/Sullivan/Meachen/Slater Smyth
Lincoln Green 2 9 AFC Saxilby
Bridge 3/Boulton 2/McDonald/Wilkinson/Pitchford/Wells
Old Boys United 5 1 Broadley FC
Wilkinson 2/Gardiner/Thompson/Betley Magill
Ruskington Lions 7 1 Rileys FC
Cooper 2/Besford 2/Wickens 2/Jackson Murphy
Ruston Sports FC 2 1 Bassingham Bugle Horn FC
Baker/Taylor Baker
Rustons United P P Lincoln High Street
Swanpool FC 12 1 Londesborough Arms FC
 Murphy 5/Wright 4/Bentley L/Humberston/Joseph Brooks
The Ferryboat FC 2 1 Hykeham Social FC
Lig/Kogut Newman
The Shed FC 0 7 AFC Tempest
Wallis 2/Schofield 2/Murphy 2/Lord
Trent Valley 3 5 Welton Sports AFC
Heap/Hewish/Welsh Aisthorpe 2/Furness/Wilkinson/Smith
Waddington United 5 2 AFC Rustons
Melladay 3/Cox/Patching Anderson/Dougan