1. Name of Competition
    This competition shall be called the RON EAGLEN CHALLENGE CUP Competition and shall be conducted on the knock-out system. All matches shall be played and carried out in accordance with the Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws of the Football Association and the Laws of the Game.
  2. Entry Limited to League Clubs
    (A)The Cup shall be open for annual competition amongst affiliated clubs that are members of the competition stated in Rule 1 as the Management Committee may from time to time decide. All clubs in the Premier, First, Second and Third Divisions must enter this competition.
    (B)The entry fee shall be £15 per club payable on or before the Annual General Meeting in each year.
  3. Annual General Meeting 
    (A)The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the same time and place as the Lincoln & District Sunday Football League Competition Annual General Meeting.
    (B)The officers of the competition shall be the same as those elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Lincoln & District Sunday Football League Competition.
    ©Any suggested alterations to these rules may be made but they must have been submitted in writing to the Competition Secretary before 1st April in each year and signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the club proposing such alterations.
    (D)Any alterations or additions decided upon shall not become operative until the approval of the Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd shall have been obtained.
  4. Control of Competition
    The entire control of the competition shall be in the hands of the Management Committee of the Lincoln & District Sunday Football League Competition.
  5. Gate Receipts and Proceeds of Competition
    In all rounds up to the Semi-Final the home club shall take its own receipts and pay its expenses, including ground preparation, Referees and Assistant Referees where appointed their fees and expenses. The visiting team is responsible for its own travelling expenses.
    The home club shall pay the Official(s) their fee(s) and expenses on the day of the match in their dressing room within a reasonable time at the conclusion of the game.
  6. Semi-Final and Final Arrangements
    (A)The arrangement of the Semi-Final & Final shall be left entirely in the hands of the Management Committee who shall appoint dates, officials, grounds, take all receipts and pay any expenses not to exceed the sum considered reasonable by the Committee.
    All Clubs in the Competition shall be liable to make their ground available to the Competition for the purpose of the playing of the Semi-Finals/Final ties.
    Referees and Assistant Referees shall receive trophies/mementoes in lieu of a fee plus travelling expenses to the Final.
    (B)The net proceeds of the Final of the Competition each year shall be devoted to the funds of the Competition.
  7. Duration of Game and Club Colours
    (A)All matches shall be duration of 90 minutes unless a shorter time (not less than 60 minutes) is mutually agreed by the two captains in consultation with the Referee prior to the commencement of the match, and in any event shall be equal halves. In the event of a draw at full time, extra time of 15 minutes each way shall be played. The half-time interval shall be of 10 minutes duration and this can only be altered with the consent of the Referee.
    (B)If in the opinion of the Referee two clubs have the same or similar colours, the away team shall change. Goalkeepers must wear colours, which distinguish them from other players and the Referee.
    (C) In all matches players’ shirts shall be clearly numbered or a fine of £10 will be imposed.
    (D)Goal nets must be provided in all games.
  8. Qualification of Players and Ineligible Players
    (A)No player shall play for more than one competing Club or Team in the same season.
    (B)Each individual player must have been a registered League Competition Player of the Club or Team for which he happens to compete at least 8 clear calendar days previous to the registered date fixed for playing the match, or 8 clear calendar days previous to the date on which the match is played whichever is the earliest unless the player is a goalkeeper and permission is granted by the League Management Committee.
    (C) A player having played for a Club or Team in one match of the Competition for which he was qualified, shall unless in the meantime he has transferred to another club, be entitled to play in any subsequent match in the same Competition for the same Club or Team in the same season.
    (D)In the case of postponed or replayed matches, only those Players shall be allowed to play who were eligible for the first match. A player who has been suspended may, if otherwise qualified; play in postponed, drawn or replayed ties after the term of his suspension has expired.
    (E)Only players who have played 3 or more league matches for his club shall be allowed to play in the Semi-Final or Final unless the player is a goalkeeper and permission is granted by the Management Committee
    (F) Any Club playing an ineligible player shall be struck out of the competition and fined £20 per ineligible player.
  9. Appointment and Charges of Referees and Late Starts
    Referees will be paid £12.50p by both clubs, Assistant Referees where appointed will be paid £7.50p by both clubs. No travelling expenses will be paid.
  10. Objections and Protests
    Any objections relative to the field of play or appurtenances of the game must be lodged in writing with the Referee before the commencement of a match. All protests or objections must be made in duplicate and confirmed in writing to the Secretary of the Competition within three clear days after the match, accompanied by a protest fee of £30.00 which shall be forfeited if the protest or objection fails.
  11. Arrangements and Registration of Rounds
    (A)Dates shall be appointed by the Management Committee for each round at the Annual General Meeting, and immediately furnished to the Secretary of the Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd, and all matches must be decided on or before the dates chosen, unless the special permission of the Management Committee be obtained for an extension of time. Clubs first drawn in the ballot shall have choice of ground. In the event of a draw after extra time of 15 minutes each way has been played, then the match shall be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the laws of the game.

(B)In the event of a match not being played or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control it shall, subject to Rule 15(b) be replayed in its entirety on a date to be mutually agreed by the two clubs and approved by the Management Committee, but failing such agreement the Management Committee shall have power to order the match to be played on or before a named date.

(C)Clubs/Teams failing to fulfil a fixture in any round prior to the Semi-Final shall be fined £35, and struck out of the Competition.

  1. Notice of Rules
    Notice of the result of each match shall be sent by both competing Clubs, on the prescribed form, to be in the hands of the Registrar within 5 clear days of the match taking place, and not later than 6pm on the 5th day. This must include the forename(s) and surname in block letters of the Team Players and Substitutes and also the Referee markings. Any Club giving a mark to a Referee of 50 or less must submit a separate written report giving the reasons. Clubs that fail to submit such a report shall be fined £10. Clubs that submit a late Team Sheet shall receive a fine not exceeding £30.00. Clubs that submit an incorrect team sheet shall receive a fine not exceeding £100.00 Referees shall be awarded a mark between 1 and 100. A mark of 0 will not be considered as a valid mark.
    The Home Club is responsible for notifying the result of match by SMS Text to the League Secretary or other nominated by the League on the day of the match, and not later than 3pm. Clubs failing to send a SMS Text message with the result within the stipulated time shall be fined £15.
    Where a match has been postponed for any reason, it is the responsibility of the Home Club to notify the League, to the telephone number authorised by the League for collating results. Clubs/Teams failing to notify the league of a postponement shall be fined £10.
  2. Clubs not allowed to withdraw in Semi-Finals or Final
    Any club reaching the final or semi-final stage of the Competition shall not be allowed to withdraw or postpone such matches, but must play its best available team. In the event of any Club failing to keep its engagement without making application for postponement or giving a satisfactory explanation to the management Committee, the match shall go against it by default, and a fine of £50 shall be imposed.
    Any Club not complying with this rule shall be considered to be guilty of gross misconduct, and in addition to being dealt with by the Management Committee shall be compelled to pay the expenses of their opponents.
    Note: Any Club failing for any reason to play on the date fixed by the Competition for either the Semi-Final or the Final must be struck out of the Competition.
  3. Procedure for Drawn Games 
    In the event of a draw after extra time has been played the game will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the instructions in the Football Association Handbook.
  4. Powers of the Management Committee 
    (A)The Management Committee shall have the power for breach of Rules or other misconduct to inflict fines upon Clubs, to suspend or expel sny Player or Club from taking part in the Competition, and to order match to be replayed on such terms as they decide.
    (B)The Management Committee shall be at full liberty from time to time to appoint and to delegate their powers to a Sub-Committee and shall have power to appoint Commissions to inquire into any complaints, appeals, protests, or any other matters within the jurisdiction of the Competition and the expenses of such Commission shall be borne by the party to whom the Commission shall deem to have been at fault. Subject to confirmation by the Management Committee, the decisions of the Sub-Committee, or Commissions shall be considered final, subject to Rule 20.
    (C)The Management Committee shall review all abandoned matches and in cases where it is to the advantage of the Competition, and does no injustice to any of the Clubs, shall be empowered to order the score to stand at the time of the abandonment to be recorded as the result. In all cases where the Management Committee is satisfied that a game has been abandoned owing to the conduct of one Club or its Club Member or Members, they shall be empowered to award the tie to its opponent and/or take what other action they deem necessary. In cases where a game is abandoned owing to the conduct of both Clubs or their Club Members, the Management Committee shall take such action as they consider appropriate. Such action is subject to any disciplinary action taken by the Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd or the appropriate County Football Association.
  5. Trophy: Legal Owners, Condition of, Taking Over, Agreement to be Assigned
    (A)A Competition Cup or Trophy shall be vested in the Association sanctioning the Competition as Trustees. If a Competition be discontinued for any cause, the Cup or Trophy shall be returned to the Donor, if the conditions to it so provides or otherwise dealt with as the Association may decide.
    (B)The following agreement shall be signed on behalf of the winners of the Cup or Trophy:
    We, A_________________________and B_______________________________________
    The Chairman and Secretary of the ___________________________ Cup or Trophy, and it having been delivered to us by the Competition, do hereby on behalf of the Club jointly and severally agree to return the Cup or Trophy to the Trophy Steward on or before 1st March in each year, or when called for by the Management Committee, and for its keeping in the meanwhile. A Cup/Trophy must be returned in the Condition it was presented to the Club or a fine of up to £50 shall be imposed. A penalty of £5 shall be imposed on any Club failing to return the Cup/Trophy by the 1st March each season.
    (C)At the close of each Competition awards may be made to the winners and runners up if the funds of the Competition permit. The presentation of any other mementoes or souvenirs is not allowed unless permission has been previously obtained from the Competition.
  6. Precedence of other Competitions
    The Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd Competitions shall take precedence over any fixtures arranged under the rules of this Competition.
  7. Board of Appeal
    Within 14 days of the posting of written notification of any decision of the Management Committee of the Competition, a Club, Official or Player against whom action is taken may appeal against such decision by lodging particulars in duplicate with the Secretary of Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd including a fee of £35 for adjudication of a Board or Appeal. The grounds of the appeal shall be in accordance with FA Rules. The Board of Appeal may order the appeal fee to be forfeited and shall decide by whom the cost of the appeal shall be borne. The decision of the Board of Appeal is final and binding on all parties concerned.
  8. Clubs entering outside Competitions
    A Club having been granted permission by the Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd to enter any Competition outside the County is not allowed to postpone or cancel any match within the jurisdiction of the Lincolnshire Football Association Ltd without their permission.
  9. Rules Binding on Clubs
    Each Club shall be deemed to have given its assent to the foregoing Rules and agreed to abide by the decision of the Management Committee subject to Rule 18.
    Each Club in the Competition must be supplied with one copy of the Competition Rules. These will be provided at no extra cost.
  10. Substitutes
    A Club may at its discretion and in accordance with the Laws of the Game use 3 Substitute Players in any match in this Competition who may be selected from 5 Players. The Referee shall be informed of the names of the Substitutes five minutes before the start of the game. A Player who has been selected, appointed or named as a Substitute before the start of the match but does not actually play in the game shall NOT be considered to have been a Player in that Game within the meaning of Rule 8 of this competition.
  11. Fines
    All fines and charges are payable forthwith and must be paid within 21 days of the date of notification of the decision. Any Club failing to do so will be fined in accordance with the Fines Tariff. Further failure to pay the fine including the additional fine within 14 days will result in fixtures being withdrawn until such time as the outstanding fines are paid.
  12. Payments
    All payments to the Competition shall be paid by cheque or postal order and should be made payable to “Lincoln & District Sunday Football League”. If any cheques are returned to the bank, then the defaulting club shall be responsible for any changes incurred.
  13. Football Business
    Other than Results Secretary, no football business to be dealt with after 8pm.